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Specialists in North American Railroad books

We buy North American collections: details here. 

Union Station NMRA British Region National Convention Oct. 26th-28th 

Click the link above for more details

Important information from LTRB regarding the Convention.

Arriving in the next few days, New titles from Morning Sun

B&O Power In Color Vol. 3 Geeps    

Reading & Northern In Color 

Conrail Power In Color Vol. 3: #6000-6999  

Bicentennials in Color Vol. 2: G-Z 

The Monongahela Railway in Color Vol. 1: Brownsville, Equipment & the East Division

CSX Power in Color Vol. 3: Inherited Six Axle EMD’s

Arriving in about 4 weeks from Morning Sun

SPSF Power In Color: The Railroad That Never Was 

Minnesota Mining Railroads In Color Vol. 1

Canadian Pacific Caboose Color Guide 1877-2017

New books coming soon from White River. Details here.

21 Projects

HOn3 Annual 2018

The Southern Railway

Please contact us to order a copy of any of these books.

North American Railroad Books: A Selection