Railway Books Wanted

We are often interested in buying quality Railway books. We will make a fair offer for any of your books we wish to buy. We can make an offer for an entire collection, or we can make an offer for selected books, whichever you prefer. HOWEVER, AT THE MOMENT, WE ARE UNLIKELY TO BUY ANY UK RAILWAY BOOKS, due to our shelves being full, and due to the glut of these titles reaching the market. In 2016, we had well over 300 requests to buy books, and only bought 12 collections. 

The following UK Publishers books may be of interest to us:


Wild Swan

It is very unlikely that we will buy any other UK railway books at the moment.


North American Railway books are especially sought, and we will almost always make an offer for such books which are in very good condition. 

However, we do not buy the following;
Magazines,either bound or unbound.
"Coffee-Table" type books. These are generally glossy, hardback books on general railway subjects.
Books that are heavily annotated, especially abc type "Spotters" books.
Books that have been affected by cigarette or pipe smoke.
Ex-Library books or books in less than " Very Good" Condition. (See our Glossary pages).
Please note that we will make a final decision to buy or not, based on our evaluation of the condition of books.  This is necessary as one or two sellers have an unrealistic view of the condition of their books. Exceptionally we will consider books in acceptable or poor condition only if they are very scarce.
We will travel up to about 50 miles of Longford, Derbyshire to view and possibly purchase your books. If you have a really good collection for sale, we are often willing to travel further. However, this is without an obligation to buy. When we make an offer it stands for no more than 3 days. After that time, if we have not heard from you, the offer will be withdrawn. Recently we have made offers and some potential sellers have not even given us the courtesy of replying to us. Please note, we DO NOT value each book individually on a long list. If you wish to have your books valued in this way, then do let us know and we will send you a written estimate of our service.
If we do purchase your books, you can choose to be paid by cash, cheque or Bank Transfer. Payment is made when the books are in our hands, and we are satisfied that the books are in the condition that you (the seller) described them to us.
You are welcome to e-mail lists to us. Our email address is lindatinkerrailwaybooks@gmail.com. Lists can also be posted to our address (see "Contact Us" page), or talk to us on  01335 330965. A list of books with title, author, publisher  and ISBN helps us to quickly judge whether the books are of interest to us. We will also need to know the condition of books and dustwrappers, and where you and the books are located. We will try to give you our response within 48 hours of receiving your list, although this may take a little longer at busy times.