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A reminder of the up-coming Morning Sun titles for the rest of 2019. All obtainable from us, please let us know asap if you want one.

Erie Lackawanna in the Conrail Era V2: 1981-1990 Aug 1st

Seaboard Coast Line Through Passenger Service In Color Aug 1st

Norfolk & Western Power 1955-82 V3: 2nd Gen. Roadswitchers & Newer Power Sept 1st

SEPTA Rail Operations In Color                 Sept 1st

Illinois Central Gulf In Color V3: Sparta District          Oct 1st

CSX Power In Color V4: 6 Axle GE's & More                  Oct 1st

Santa Fe Power In Color V2: Electro-Motive E, F, & Cowl Units Nov 1st

Monon In Color V2                  Nov 1st

Penn Central In the Conrail Era V1: 1976-79 Nov 15th

Burlington Northern Washington V1: The Old SP&S Nov 15th



Applicable from 11/7/19

When shipping to the following UK areas or postcodes, parcels over 2kg will carry an extra charge, due to RM and Courier costs. Please contact us for further details before placing an order. We will do our best to send your parcel as economically as we can. 

Northern Ireland

Scottish Highlands - AB36-38, AB55-56, FK17-21, IV1-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-40, PH19-26, PH30-41, PH49-50

Scottish Islands - HS1-9, IV40-51, IV55-56, KA27-28, KW15-17, PA20, PA41-49, PA60-78, PH42-44, ZE1-3

Channel Isles

Isle of Man

Isle of Wight


News for our European Customers. Our courier company has recently increased prices for delivery to mainland Europe, possibly in some kind of preparation for Brexit. This means that our shipping costs will increase, as we cannot afford to subsidise this service. We hope that customers will think that the increase is reasonable, and will continue to buy books. 


We can obtain any of these listed in print Morning Sun books direct from the USA. All books are NEW, and we can supply both Hardback and Softback books.

Many of these titles are already available on the website, as either new or s/h copies.

PRICES: Softbacks all £40-£45, partly dependent on the £-$ exchange rate.

Hardbacks: MS have different prices dependent on when the book was published. Please ask for our price which reflects the published price but is partly dependent on the £-$ exchange rate.


15/11/18  Right now we're in the middle of listing some older and Out of Print Morning Sun titles, as well as the latest 2018 releases of the C&O Historical Society's "Railway Series" Books on Steam Cranes, Mikado locomotives and more. And watch out next week, which looks to be very interesting for Southern Pacific enthusiasts, as we are hoping to be listing some very hard to find books. Don't forget we can get you any in-print title from Morning Sun, White River, Carstens, The Railroad Press, The C&O Historical Society, Signature Press, Withers, Garbely Publishing, Bob's Photo, The outer Station Project, Depot Square Publishing, Old Line Graphics, Shade Tree Books, Railroad Avenue Enterprises and more. You only have to ask...

18/10/18 Just over a week to "Union Station" the NMRA British Region Convention. Details of venue and times can be found here. Of course, we will be taking a great selection of new and second hand books, but as we always say: "We just can't bring everything". So if there is something you would like to look at, please contact us, and we'll make sure it's packed. We will be there from about 12 noon on Friday 26th, and will be open for business as soon as we have set up. We usually start to pack away early Sunday afternoon, giving you about 48 hours to browse and buy. We are happy to take pre-orders at the show: for example, Morning Sun have just released news of their plans for the first four months of 2019. And something very new for the 2018 Convention will be the world debut of "Flimsy Jack's Memorabilia Emporium", where Jack will be selling all manner of railroad ephemera that isn't books: photographs, slides, timetables, brochures, plans, catalogues etc. All at very low prices only 50p or £1 !! Do drop in: you may find something of interest....

5/10/18 A few final tweaks to the website "redesign"in consultation with our designers, Welford Media. Now all the new categories are visible on all devices, including phones and tablets. At the bottom of the home page you can now link to our Facebook and Twitter pages, should that kind of thing appeal to you. 

1/10/18 The NA books have now been placed in their new categories! I may decide to split the Logging/Industrial  and the Freight/Passenger categories and lose one or two of the lesser used ones such as "Beebe" or "Technical". Any feedback on this exercise is welcome. I'd be especially keen to hear about any glaring errors, or if you think a book should be moved to another category. I'm no expert on the North American scene, and with over 1200 books to categorise, there are bound to be mistakes. Apologies in advance. Just to emphasise again: our "search" option remains the best way to find a book on the website: just type in a key word and all the titles with that word will appear. 

26/9/18 Astute and regular visitors to the website will realise that changes are being made to how we are listing and categorising books. As the vast majority of our stock is now North American, it seemed right that we should attempt to redefine how we list those books. All will still be listed in "All North American Titles", but we have done away with all but 5 publisher categories and replaced these with categories relating to NA companies and with categories relating to NA interests, such as steam, diesel, Interurban etc. Hopefully this will enable enthusiasts to concentrate on their area of interest. This has meant that we have had to contract the number of UK categories as the number of UK books we offer continues to dwindle. Our "search" option remains the best way to find a book on the website: just type in a key word and all the titles with that word will appear. 

This is very much a work in progress and having now gone through about 35% of the NA books, I would estimate that it will be another 5-7 days of work to complete this exercise. I will post an update on here once the work is complete. Thanks for your patience, and remember you can always telephone or email us with queries. Comments on this exercise are also welcome. 

17/9/18 Thanks to everyone at the Seaboard Southern show on Saturday, especially the chaps who helped with the heavy loading/unloading of the books. I don't think I have ever packed away so quickly! A great show, good customers, good layouts and good sales. Also great to see some familiar faces, and meet new enthusiasts. Hope to be back in 2019.

29/7/18 Interesting to hear from some potential sellers of collections. One pointed out to me that one US Railroad book in his collection was "going for £102 on Amazon" and expected a "a good price" for it from me. I had to gently point out that 1) £102 was an asking price, not a selling price, 2) The seller was a bucket shop based in the USA, and that makes the price even more unattractive to UK customers, 3) US books tend to sell for more in the US, as there is a "slightly" bigger market and 4) if I offered that particular book for £100, it would be sitting on my shelves for ever. Needless to say, we couldn't come to an agreement on a price as he wanted £70 for a book I would try to sell for £30. Fortunately, this person was the exception in my experience: most folks are happy to accept sensible prices for their books, and realise that we booksellers have to have at least a chance of making some profit.

4/7/18 If you are at all interested in SP steam, we have a superb book on offer: Joe Strapac 's "Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive Compendium". Visit the details page for this book (here) to read the very interesting history of this almost legendary volume. Important to mention that we have obtained some of the last few copies from the USA.  This book will never be reprinted. "Once the're gone, the're gone. No talk or thought of a reprint."  

25/6/18 Sadly, the weak £ and rising shipping costs mean that we will be increasing the price of new Morning Sun Books from £48 to £50. This small increase only applies to our latest order which arrives some time this week. We won't be increasing all our MS prices, unlike another seller, and we still think that we are the cheapest source for new MS books in the UK at £50 posted. Come and buy from us at a show, and we may be able to give you a small discount...

23/6/18 Just received news of Morning Sun's releases for the rest of 2018. Worth noting that MS will charge you $81 to ship one book from the US to the UK. That's £61 before currency conversion charges which will be another £1. Or you can order from us for just £50, posted in the UK.

20/6/18 Reductions of at least 20% on all books published by Four Ways West.

13/6/18  We've just added another category at a suggestion from a customer. This is "New North American Books", where books that are fresh from the publisher are listed. Some of them do date back a few years, but these are all "new" as opposed to pre-owned or second hand.