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12/4/18 LTRB does have a Facebook page: we just don't update it too often. We see little point in clogging up the internet with pictures of things we are about to eat, amusing signs we may have seen, mentions of our dog, or sarcastic comments about book prices on well known auction sites. We will stick to highlighting interesting books we think you might like to buy.

25/1/18 Regular visitors to our website (of which there are many, according to all the stats we get), will notice a change to our categories section. We have simply moved the North American categories above our UK categories on the front page. We thought that as we now consider ourselves to be North American Railroad book specialists, that this would be the right thing to do. We still hold stocks of UK books, and prices on these are continually being adjusted, usually downwards (!), as we react to market trends. In terms of UK Railway books, it seems that the inexorable drift downwards in prices continues, especially for those titles which had huge print runs in the latter quarter of the 20th century. Like other dealers we are often offered collections which include large numbers of books from Ian Allan, Bradford Barton, David & Charles etc, and it is difficult to make an offer for such titles. The position in the last 2 years (see posting of 11/10/15 on this page) has certainly not improved for sellers of collections, and in our opinion, seems unlikely to change in the near future. 

1/11/17 Many thanks to all of our friends, colleagues and customers who made the NMRA Convention at Derby this weekend such a great experience. Special thanks to Steve Dennison and his team for the organisation of the Convention, and congratulations to David McLaughlin on his installation as President. We'd also like to thank Robin Swan for all his support during his 12 months as President in 2016-2017.

10/5/17 We are sometimes asked: "How does it all work?", so here is a quick snapshot of what we do. Firstly a book we have bought is assessed. It is scrutinised, page by page to check for annotations, creasing, missing pages etc. The boards and dust wrapper are checked: sometimes the book is cleaned, small tears to the DW are repaired or the DW is covered. A condition description of the book is written, and a photograph taken. A realistic and competitive price is decided. The description and photograph of the book are uploaded to the website and a unique identifying number is computer generated and assigned to the book. The book is placed in the "Latest Additions" category and at least one other. Some books are featured on the front page of the website. This process does take some time, but our customers know that every book has had a thorough scrutiny and been give a very accurate description before it is offered for sale. The book will be removed from the Latest Additions category, typically after about 2 weeks, but remains live on the website in other categories. 

Next Time: How we prepare for a show. 

4/8/16 Please note that as from today we will be unable to accept CHEQUES in payment for small amounts (ie under £20). Unfortunately, charges for processing cheques mean that it is now uneconomic for us to take them for smaller amounts. As an alternative, payment by credit or debit card, PayPal or BACS are all welcome. 

11/10/15 An interesting article by David Wilcock in "Steam Railway" magazine (No. 446 October-November 2015) in which he discusses the value or otherwise of treasured railway book collections. Linda and Rob were interviewed for the article along with fellow booksellers Nigel Bird, Robert Humm and Stuart Manley (Barter Books). We all gave basically the same message: that not all railway books have a value in the second hand market at the moment, due to previous large print runs by Ian Allan, Bradford Barton, David & Charles etc. Dealers will usually want to buy quality books, but we know that there are many that we can't make an offer on. This is certainly a shame, but there are so many collections available now. We alone are asked to buy books about 8 to 10 times every week, and we have to decline the vast majority of offers. It's not a particularly hopeful read, but a realistic one. But as a bonus (?) there is a picture of Linda and Rob in the article....    

8/10/13 International Customers. Please see our  How to buy page for important information about ordering books.
We are able to take Credit/Debit card payments over the telephone. Just ring us on 01335 330965 with your requirements and we will try and send you your books on the same or next working day.
If you decide to pay by cheque, please let us know which book(s) you have ordered when you post your letter. We are also vey happy to arrange to meet you at any of the events we attend, so that you can collect your books from us in person. 
Remember: we offer FREE postage on ALL items posted to UK Addresses. The price you see on the website is the price you pay: there are NO hidden extras.

11/12/13. No apologies for re-posting this entry. One customer recently wrote: "This type of book is not easy to find but the seller has a great stock for those interested in modelling US rail roads."  So, have a look at our ever growing number of quality North American books. All can be found in our "North American" category. Many of our North American books are virtually unobtainable in the UK, so why not take advantage and remember that all these books, any quantity,  are posted to any address in the UK FREE. No need to pay expensive postage from the USA.