• An Illustrated History of LNWR Engines (Talbot)

First published in 1985, this book was the result of many years' research and represented a new approach to locomotive history in its use of photographs, drawings and captions. Each class is described in turn, with photographs to illustrate its detailed history stage by stage throughout its entire life. This book deals comprehensively with all major and minor LNWR locomotive classes from the 1800s through to the grouping of 1923. It covers nearly all the designs outshopped from Crewe of all the well known LNWR designers such as Trevithick, Webb, Whale etc. The photographs are nearly all crisp and clear, considering their age, and of the larger classes of locomotives there are a selection of photographs of various engines in all their infinite varieties. What is surprising is that this book contains photographs of some of the lesser known locomotives, particularly from the Webb stable, a designer who toyed quite extensively with the idea of compounding. Four of his experiments are covered in this book with accompanying illustrations. All major classes are covered in great detail from the early Precedents, Samsons, Whitworths, Precursors, Experiments to the later designs such as the Claughtons.  Very Good Condition. 333pp. Reprinted 2000 Oxford Publishing Co. DW has shelf wear. Corners bumped. Page edges slightly yellowed. Book in good condition. RH-PKUU-FR0N

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An Illustrated History of LNWR Engines (Talbot)

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