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  • The Model Railroader's Guide To Industries Along The Tracks 3 (Wilson)

This is the third installment in the author's ongoing analysis of rail-served industries. Like the two Guides previous to this book, Mr. Wilson thoroughly researches each industry described in the book. Not only does he present a history of each industry, but completely describes the process to manufacture each product, along with a description of the particular railroad cars needed to serve that industry. He also shows a simplified track plan, specific to the particular industry, along with the number and frequency of rail cars needed, dependent on the scale of operation. The result is all the information needed for the model railroader to produce a scale interpretation of a particular industry, to place and operate on their layout. The book is an easy and enjoyable read, with a wealth of information, enhanced with excellent photos. Includes Ethanol, Sugar Beets, Cement, Team Tracking & transloading, seasonal canning factories, and Trailers and Containers. Kalmbach 2008. New SB. 86pp. NOS-KLM-IT3

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The Model Railroader's Guide To Industries Along The Tracks 3 (Wilson)

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