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  • Cornwall Street Railway. The Insurance Company's Streetcars (Clegg)

Cornwall Street Railway – the Insurance Company’s Streetcars tells the fascinating story of the electric transit services provided in the eastern Ontario city by the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, which owned the system from its inception in 1886 until the passenger transit facilities were taken over by the municipality in 1970 and the freight switching services were absorbed into the Canadian National Railways system in 1971. It's a reminder of the trolleys, electric trolleycoaches, and electric switching locomotives that formerly served the city, while the serious students of municipal history and railway operations will be pleased to have a record of the well-known Canadian insurance company's not so well-known operations in the transit field. The book has over 160 photographs, a few in colour.There are five maps which record the growth of the community and another which shows from whence came the Cornwall Street Railway equipment. 2007 Railfare. SB.  VG. 102pp. L9-VCT8-Z0IQ

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Cornwall Street Railway. The Insurance Company's Streetcars (Clegg)

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