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  • Northern Pacific Diesel Era 1945-1970 (Schrenk)

The Northern Pacific entered the diesel era with a large fleet of modern, well-maintained steam locomotives. Furthermore, the railroad had large reserves of low-cost coal. Although the diesel-electric locomotive offered many advantages, such as reduction in shop forces, dismantling of costly coaling facilities, elimination of many water stations, and the ability to run around the clock, conversion to diesel power entailed many risks for the railroad. Northern Pacific Diesel Era 1945-1970  tells how the NP gradually and then more rapidly made the transition to diesel-electric motive power. The book covers in detail all of the road’s diesel locomotives, from the beginning in 1945 until 1970. 320 illustrations, colour plates, and locomotive rosters. Golden West Third Printing 1999. New HB 300pp. NOS-NPD-ERA

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Northern Pacific Diesel Era 1945-1970 (Schrenk)

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