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  • Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Volume 6: Diesel Locomotives of the Texas & New Orleans (Strapac)

Southern Pacific Historic Diesels is a series of pictorial histories defining the growth and development of the Southern Pacific’s fleet of diesel locomotives.  The goal of this series is to publish and present in text and photographs a record of Southern Pacific dieselization since the fleet’s beginnings in the late 1930s. The Southern Pacific actually ran a whole different railroad east of El Paso. From the 1885 System Renumbering to the end of the Texas & New Orleans in 1962, and the 1965 General System Renumbering, locomotives east of El Paso were numbered below 1000, and the lines west of that point were numbered above. In the diesel era, quite a lot of other things were different, too. While the Pacific Lines engines were decked out with Mars lights on both ends - everything from enormous ash-can affairs to familiar sets of red and white lights - the T&NO was much plainer, and did without except on the passenger units. East of San Antonio, it was a flat and fast railroad. West of there, it was every bit as tough a mountain railroad as the rest of the Sunset Route across Arizona and California. The power was different, and fascinating. This book is a picture history of the more than 400 diesels of Southern Pacific's Texas & New Orleans subsidiary, 1941-1965. Includes Black Widow F-units, ALCO PAs and RSD-5s in portraiture and action. Also shown are the T&NO's streamlined Hustler, Sunbeam and Sunset Limited in diesel action. 180 B&W and 2 Colour photographs. Shade Tree Books 1999 SB New. 96pp. NOS-SPH-D06

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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Volume 6: Diesel Locomotives of the Texas & New Orleans (Strapac)

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