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  • Locomotive Terminals & Railroad Structures (Carstens)

Today they have all but disappeared, but if your model railroad operates steam locomotives you should have a proper locomotive engine terminal to service them. And if you have diesels, you should have either a modern diesel-era terminal or a converted roundhouse facility. Pioneer modeler Ed Alexander long ago figured out that a steam engine terminal in O scale (1:48) done properly would be some 22 feet in length, or roughly 12 feet in HO scale (1:87). Few model railroads including large club pikes have the luxury of dedicating that much space for such a facility. What do you need for a steam engine facility? Well, start with a roundhouse, of course. The roundhouse will require a turntable. The exception would be for a small two or three stall building where the tracks could funnel into the service area. These structures could be wood frame or brick, depending on your locale and era. Most modern diesel facilities are either brick or concrete. Some engine houses are constructed of wood frame sheathed with corrugated steel. Aside from the obvious shelter and fuel for your locomotives, you'll want to consider a number of outbuildings to complete the scene, including pump and boiler houses, water tanks, ash handlers and conveyors, oil supply houses, icing platforms, sand houses, section houses, yard offices, warehouses, bunk houses, control towers and more. Use this book as a guide in planning your next addition, with many photographs and plan drawings to guide you. Learn the functions and history behind many of these traditional designs, and choose the right structures for your model railroad. Engine houses, turntables, coal towers, scales, sand towers, water towers, floodlights, yard offices, signal towers, shanties, oil supply house and more from the pages of Railroad Model Craftsman. 2000 Carstens. New SB. 120pp. DQ-6IX3-M1NL  

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Locomotive Terminals & Railroad Structures (Carstens)

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