• LMS Journal Number Thirty-Eight (Essery)

High Quality Journal by Wild Swan. Numerous B&W photographs, plans, diagrams, track plans etc. This is the final edition of LMS Journal, which was terminated by the publishers due to increasing costs, which would have led to an unacceptedly high retail price.  Contents: OF CAULIFLOWERS, GADGETS AND WATFORD TANKS by Keith Miles BRAKE VAN INTERIOR. BRYSON'S CATCHER by Mike Christensen WORKING OVER A SINGLE LINE by Bob Essery 7054 by David Hunt INTERPRETING THE SOMERSET & DORSET JOINT RAILWAY by Neil Burgess MORE FROM ERIC BRUTON. LMS MARINE INTERESTS AND THE TS DUCHESS OF HAMILTON Part 2 by David Hunt FURTHER INFORMATION ON LMS LOCOMOTIVE PROFILES by David Hunt RAILWAY TELEGRAPHS AND THEIR PROTECTION FROM POWER LINES Part 2 by L. G. Warburton LMS TIMES. PHILIP CHOPPING - AN APPRECIATION by Bob Essery. Wild Swan 2013. SB Fine. 80pp  NOS-LMS-J38 SOLD

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LMS Journal Number Thirty-Eight (Essery)

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