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  • J.E.Henry's Logging Railroads (Gove)

Another volume on White Mountains logging railroads from rail historian and retired forester Bill Gove. This new and expanded edition of J. E. Henry’s Logging Railroads chronicles the story of New Hampshire’s most colourful , controversial, and determined lumber baron, James Everell Henry, who carved his way into history by commandeering a small army of lumberjacks to clear the vast untouched forests of the Zealand River and East Branch Valleys over a century ago. Drawing from 40 years of research and many first-hand accounts and anecdotes, Gove details the history of the two highly successful railroads named for those valleys and built by Henry as part of his huge operation. He gives insight into the daily lives and work of the men who cut the timber and ran the mills, and he describes the locomotives that steamed their way through the vast virgin forests. The new edition of this popular out-of-print title features two new chapters—more than 80 additional pages—and is richly illustrated with more than 200 vintage photographs, charts, and maps, including several never-before-published photographs.  Bondcliff Books 2012. New SB. 294pp NOS-JEH-NRY

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J.E.Henry's Logging Railroads (Gove)

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