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  • Equipment of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad Volume 2: Steam Locomotives (Liljestrand)

The focus of this book is on the steam locomotive classes of the Delaware & Hudson that were in common operation during the late 1930s and 1940s. During this time, the D&H went from a coal hauler to a bridge carrier where train speeds were important for connections with other railroads. By 1950, 233 steam locomotives remained on the roster, 182 in freight service, twenty-six in Passenger Service and twenty-five in switching operations. By 1953, diesel switchers and Road-Switchers had replaced all active steam power. Under Joseph H. Nuelle, ninth president of the D&H, motive power requirements changed. Nuelle ordered from ALCO twenty Challenger 4-6-6-4 locomotives for the bridge traffic. Numbered 1500-1519, they were quickly followed by fifteen, #1520-1534, more in 1942. Under the Nuelle administration, the D&H also ordered fifteen modern dual service 4-8-4s for delivery in 1943). These 4-8-4s operated between Oneonta and Rouses Point in either freight or Passenger Service. Rounding out the modern steam locomotive fleet for the D&H were five more 4-6-6-4s, #1535-1539, delivered in 1946. This book does not cover all classes of D&H steam power, but is a sampling of the various classes. From 0-6-0 switchers to the 4-6-6-4s. 18 classes and sub-classes of D&H steam power is presented. Bob's Photo 2003 New SB. 48pp NOS-DH2-STM

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Equipment of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad Volume 2: Steam Locomotives (Liljestrand)

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