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We easily can obtain any of these listed books direct from the USA, subject to availability. Books do go out of print and we will alter this list as and when we have that information. The books in this list are usually available on our monthly order.

All books are NEW.

Some of these titles are already available on the website, as either new or s/h copies.


Prices are variable and are always dependent on the £-$ exchange rate. We can give you an approximate price for any book, and for some books could provide you with details of the contents etc. We have tried to characterise each Publisher's offerings, but these are only general remarks.

To order any of these books, please telephone or email with your requirements.


Updated 17/9/19

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society: 

From the Midwest to Florida by Rail 1875-1979 Vol. 1 Covering C&EI, IC, PRR, L&N, NC&StL, Monon, M&O, CofG, ACL, SAL, FEC 

From the Midwest to Florida by Rail 1875-1979 Vol. 2 Covering NYC, O&C, SR, Frisco, Amtrak, PRR Shadow Service 

(Both titles combine for a total of 520 pages, 25% of which are in colour)

Pennsylvania Railroad Advertising Art 1859-1968 – 284 pages, 492 all colour images 

Pennsylvania Railroad Business & Special Cars, A Century of Tuscan Deluxe 1871-1968 – 390 images including photos and diagrams, Colour & B&W 

Pennsylvania Railroad in Cincinnati – 160 pages, 305 photos plus maps, tables etc. 

Pennsylvania Railroad in Columbus, Ohio – 188 pages, 334 photos 

Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars, Revenue & Work Equipment 1881-1968 – 116 pages, 240 photos 

Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas, Revenue & Work Equipment 1869-1968 – 156 pages, 350 photos 

The Pennsy in the 1960’s, The Final Decade – All colour photography of John Dziobko 

Philip R. Hastings, Portrait of the Pennsylvania Railroad – 130 pages, 140 B&W photos 

Prophet’s Pennsy, Equipment, 146 pages, all colour


Bob's Photo: Generally 48 page photographic studies of the subject, with rosters sometimes included. Although all photos are in Black and White, quality is high, and captions are useful. Mostly the work of Bob Liljestrand.
Atlantic Coast Line Freight Cars
B&M Steam Vol.1 Pacifics
B&O Diesel Locomotives Vol.1 Switchers & Road Switchers 
Boston Revere Beach & Lynn
Central Vermont & Grand Trunk Diesel Locos 1940-75 
Creameries of Upstate New York at Turn of the Century 
Electric Locomotives & Interurbans – South Shore Line 
Equipment of the Boston & Maine series: Vol. 1 Switchers & Road Switchers
Equipment of the Boston & Maine series: Vol. 2 Diesel Cab Units
Equipment of the Boston & Maine series: Vol. 3 Railcars, Talgo, & Electric Locomotives
Equipment of the D&H series: Vol. 1 Passenger Cars
Equipment of the D&H series: Vol. 2 Steam Locomotives
Equipment of the Virginian: Vol.1 Steam Locomotives
Equipment of the Virginian: Vol. 2 Diesel & Electric Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna Diesels Vol.1
Erie Lackawanna Diesels Vol.2
New Haven Railroad's Boston Division
New Haven Diesel Locos Vol.1 Switchers & Road Switchers 
New Haven Diesel Locos Vol.2 Early Cab Units
New Haven Diesel Locos Vol.3 Cab Units
New Haven’s Electric Locomotives and MU’s
New Haven's Electrified Zone
New Haven’s Midland Division
New Haven’s Old Colony Division Vol. 1
New Haven’s Old Colony Division Vol. 2
New York Central Electric Locomotives & MU Cars 
Passenger Cars of the New Haven
Passenger Cars of the Pennsylvania: Vol. 1 Coaches
Passenger Cars of the Pennsylvania: Vol. 2 Sleepers
Pennsylvania RR Baggage & Mail Cars 
Pennsylvania RR Dining Cars
Pennsylvania RR Electric Locomotives & MU Cars 
Pennsylvania RR Parlor Cars
Railroad Cities: Conneaut, OH 
Railroad Cities: Concord, NH
Railroad Cities: Philadelphia, PA 
Railroad Cities: Providence, RI 
Railroad Cities: Springfield Mass. 
Railroad Cities: Jersey City
Rails Across Boston Vol.1 South & West 
Rails Across Boston Vol.2 North
Rails Across New Haven
Railway Milk Cars Vol. 1
Railway Milk Cars Vol. 2
Railway Milk Cars Vol. 3
Railway Milk Cars Vol. 4 DL&W Pt.2 
Rolling Stock of New England series: Vol. 1 New Haven Work Equipment
Rolling Stock of New England series: Vol. 2 New Haven Freight Equipment

New 17/9/19 Boston & Maine Steam Vol. 2: Class R1, S1 and T1

Bondcliff Books Bondcliff Books is an independently owned and operated book publishing and book-selling firm specializing in titles related to the mountains of New Hampshire and northern New England. These include books on local history (especially logging railroads),
J.E. Henry's Logging Railroads - Revised
Logging Railroads Along the Pemigewasset

Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Beebe & Clegg – Their Enduring Legacy 2nd Edition

Depot Square Publishing  The popular series, SCENES ALONG THE RAILS, (HB) takes a look at the pre-1925 era of railroading during the Golden Age of Steam. Using vintage illustrations and other ephemera, the impact of railroads on the towns and villages served within a given region is portrayed. The ROADS, RIVERS AND RAILS series began in 2012 with the release of John Taibi’s The Delaware & Hudson’s Susquehanna Division Heritage Trail, Volume 1: Albany/Schenectady to Oneonta. From early stereoviews to contemporary colour, the relationship between the three modes of parallel transportation is explored on a point-to-point basis. These are also HBs. 
Railroads Over Time: Metro North's Hudson Line Poughkeepsie - Oscawana 
Roads, River’s & Rails D&H Susquehanna Div. Vol. 1
Roads, River’s & Rails D&H Susquehanna Div. Vol. 2
Scenes Along The Rails Series: Anthracite Region Of PA Part 1
Scenes Along The Rails Series: Anthracite Region Of PA Part 2
Scenes Along The Rails Series: DL&W's Syracuse Division
Scenes Along The Rails Series: The Rutland Railroad, Rutland to Bellows Falls

Double Take Productions
Remembering: Long Island Rail Road’s Fairbanks-Morse Era

Garbely Publishing Company A mixture of HB and SB, but many feature colour photographs.
Burlington Route in Focus: Granger Country Photos of Lee & Bubley 
The Canadian – Last of the Great Streamliners
Conrail Rainbow Years Vol. 1
Great Railroad War: US Railway operations During WWI
The Heisler Locomotive 1891-1941 Revised 2nd Edition
Milwaukee Road to the Pacific Northwest: Pacific Extension Photos of Barringer 
Tracks Around Mt. Union
Transportation History of Boonton, NJ

NEW Railroads of Georgia

Grenadier Publications These are real quality HB publications with about 200 pages and lots of colour and B&W photographs.
Minneapolis Northfield & Southern - Dan Patch to Dragons 
More Chicago Great Western in Minnesota
More Chicago Northwestern in Minnesota
More Milwaukee Road in Minnesota
Northern Pacific in Minnesota 
The Rock Island in Minnesota 
The Soo Line in Minnesota

NJ Internationa
Cross Continent Electric 
Electric Plan Book Vol. 1
The Jets – NH’s EP-5’s 
Third Avenue Railway System in Manhattan

Old Line Graphics Very similar to Morning Sun (same size, 128+pp, many photographs, but not always all-colour
B&O Vol. 2 Cumberland to Chicago
East Broad Top - Slim Gauge Survivor 
Interstate Railroad
L&N Cumberland Valley Division 
Railroad Night Scene
Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 
Virginian Rails

Outer Station Project   A mix of HB and SB books with plenty of colour photographs where appropriate, eg diesels. The Reading Railroad Book series is well-regarded, (and expensive) with the first 4 volumes already out of print and very difficult to find. 
CNJ Stations Structures & Marine Equipment
Conrail's North Jersey Coast Line
CSX In Action
Kansas City Street Scene – K. C. Public Service
Lehigh Valley Selected Locations and Facilities - NY Harbor Region
Lehigh Valley Selected Locations Vol. 2 Westward to Packerton
Narrow Gauge to Boston BRB&L
NYC Stations & Structures Vol.1 River Div. JC - Weehawken
NYC Stations & Structures Vol.3 River Newburg – Albany 
New York & Long Branch
Norfolk Southern Heritage Fleet
Norfolk Southern in Action
PRR – Select Look at H’burg, Reading, Phila., Camden & PRSL
Rails Across Central Jersey
Rails of Western Pennsylvania
Reading Railroad Book V Oley St. to Belt Line Jct. & Shops 
Reading Railroad Book VI Belt Line Jct. to Port Clinton
Reading Railroad Book VII Port Clinton to Pottsville (Due 15th July 2019) 
Reading Railroad Book VIII Norristown Branch (Due late 2019) 
Reading Railroad 1940 – 1965 Pictorial - Revisited
Reading’s Wreck Trains and Disasters
Shortline & Industrial Railroads of New Jersey Vol. 1
Shortline & Industrial Railroads of New Jersey Vol. 2
Shortline & Industrial RR's of New Jersey Vol. 1 & 2 Hardback
Spokane International Railway - Steam in Action
Trolleys & Street Scenes of Reading PA.
Twilight on the EBT 1945 - 1965

New 17/9/19 Reading Railroad Fairbanks-Morse Trainmaster Diesel Electric Locomotive

Purple Mountain Press  Mainly larger SBs with good numbers of B&W photographs, and mainly concentrating on the NY area.
Bridging the Hudson
Listen to the Whistle – Wallkill Valley Railroad
Mountain RR’s of NY State Vol.1 Western Adirondacks
Mountain RR’s of NY State Vol. 2 Central Adirondacks
Mountain RR’s of NY State Vol. 3 Eastern Adirondacks
Mountain RR’s of NY State Vol. 4 The Catskills
Old Skillypot & Other Ferries of Rondout, Kingston & Rhinecliff
Railroad Switching Terminal at Maybrook, NY
Remembering NYO&W Oswego to Sidney & Branches S/C
Thomas Cornell & the Cornell Steamboat Co. (Tugs)
Ulster & Delaware

Railroad Books
 Dining Car Panorama

Railroad Avenue Enterprises Rather like Bob’s Photo, with pictorial B&W SB books. Some titles do have colour photography.
A Colorful Look At…. Conrail SD40's & SD40-2's
A Colorful Look At…. The Chicago & North Western 
A Colorful Look At…. The Erie Lackawanna
A Colorful Look At…. Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines
Anthracite Country Color
Brooklyn & Queens Transit 
The Hard Coal Carriers: Vol. 1 - First Generation Geeps
The Hard Coal Carriers: Vol. 2 - Camelback Twilight
Diamondbugs – Erie Doodlebugs
Dutch Country Trolleys
Erie Railroad – New Jersey Memories 
Memories Of The Reading’s Shamokin Division 
Memories Of Eastern Pennsylvania Railroading 
The Morristown & Erie Railway
Operation: Cleveland Union Terminal
RR Stations of New England Today – Vol. 1 The B&M 
Third Avenue Railway
Unifying The Subways
26 Miles to Jersey City

Railroad Explorer

Maine Central – My Life on the Pine Tree Route 1971-1996

Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Historical Society.  "Potomac Yard" is 831 pages, with numerous maps and hundreds of photographs, while the auto-train books are 200pages each.
Amtrak’s Auto Train
Potomac Yard – Gateway Between the North and the South Vol.2 1920-1999

Shade Tree Books Joe Strapac’s books are well-known to SP fans, with the Historic Diesel series proving very popular. Mostly SBs, with hundreds of B&W photographs in each volume

California’s Locomotives–Shortline Steam in the Golden State 

California's Locomotives Vol. 2 ALCO & GE Shortline Diesels 

Diesel Locomotives of the Western Pacific

GE 70 Ton Diesel Locomotives
Interurban Electric Locomotives from Baldwin-Westinghouse 
Interurban Electric Locomotives from General Electric
Key System Gallery
Pacific Electric’s 500-class Cars
Rio Grande Diesels Vol. 3
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 5 – GE’s
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 6 – T&NO
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 7 – GP7 & GP9’s
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 11 – Baldwin’s
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 13 – GP20, 30, 35 & DD35
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 19 Post 1978 GE Units
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 20 Passenger Cab Units Reprise
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 21 Misc. EMD Freight Units
SP Historic Diesels Vol. 22 Passenger Hood Unit Reprise

Silverlake Images
Lehigh Valley Diesel Pictorial 
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia – 20 (Reprint)

Stephan M. Koenig SBs with mostly B&W but some colour photography.
Lost Railroads of NY State Vol. 1 LV in Buffalo (South Platte Press)
Lost Railroads of NY State Vol. 2 LV to Niagara Falls (South Platte Press) 

Stoney Clove Catskill Mountain Press
From Gotham to the Berkshires – New York Central’s Harlem Division including Scenes Along the Old “Put” 

The Railroad Press Mainly good quality SBs with a variety of B&W and colour photographs. Their latest (Mike Bednar) book is a 128 HB with all-colour photographs.
ALCO’s in Autumn
ALCO Reference #1
Altoona Action
Anthracite Classics
A Railroad Life: On the Road with Mike Bednar 
B&O: Rails Across the Heartland Toledo - Cincinnati 
Bethlehem Steel Railroading
Boston & Albany Steam Power
Canadian Steam in Prairies, Towns
Chessie System: Cumberland Action
Chicago's Railroad Scenes Vol. 1
Chicago's Railroad Scenes Vol. 2 1970-1971
D&H Thunder & Lightning
Freight Equipment of the New York Central
Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs Vol. 2
Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs Vol. 3
Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs Vol. 4
Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs Vol.1 – 4 HB
Illinois Central North of the Ohio River
Nickel Plate Steam 1957-1958
New England Classics Vol.1 Class 1’s
NYC Harlem & Putnam Divisions
NYC Steam Power in New Jersey & Pennsylvania
NYC Steam Power in the Empire State
NYC Steam Power West of Buffalo Vol.1
NYC Steam Power West of Buffalo Vol.2
Passenger Cars of New England Vol.1 B&M
Passenger Cars of New England Vol.2 BAR, MEC
Passenger Cars of New England Vol.3 Rutland, CV
Pennsylvania RR Lines West 1960 –1999 Vol.1
Pennsylvania RR Lines West 1960 –1999 Vol.2
Railroaders of Lehigh River Valley
Railroading in Downtown Chicago Vol.1 1958-1969 
Railroading in Downtown Chicago Vol.2 1958-1969
World Famous Horseshoe Curve
70’s Style – Passenger Trains around New York City

Weekend Chef  Larger HB books
Diesel Demonstrators 
Splendor Sailed the Sound 
Steel Rails and Silver Wings

West Jersey Chapter - NRHS  
Pavonia Yard & Shops
Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines 
Reading Seashore Lines - Atlantic City Railroad

White River Productions  Varies from very glossy photographic HB books to slimmer SBs on modelling
Denver & Rio Grande: The Early Years
Eureka & Palisades - Biggest Little Railroad in the World (Due July 2019) 
Forest Rails - Georgia Pacific
Freight Car Handbook
The Great Northern
The Metroliners
Milwaukee Road: Tales Along the Racine & Southwestern
PRR Lines West Vol. 3 Crestline-Chicago-Michigan 1960-1999
Rio Grande High-Side Gondolas – D&RG/D&RGW Narrow Gauge
Route of the Chiefs
Southern Pacific Western Division
The Southern Railway

Pre-orders for Gulf Mobile & Ohio: Illustrated Historical Reference and Rio Grande: Jewel of the Wasatch (2020) welcome

Withers Publishing   A variety of books from large HB to the Diesel Era SBs. All well thought of and well produced, with a distinct bias to the diesels.
ALCO Century Series Vol.1 4- Axle Models 
ALCO Century Series Vol.2 6- Axle Models 
ALCO HH Series Switchers
Big Hooks - Volume 2
BN Railroad Historical Review 1970-1995
BNSF Railway – The First Decade Vol. 1 Historical Review 1995-2005
BNSF Locomotive Directory 2017-2018
Conrail – The Final Years 2nd Printing
Contemporary Diesel Spotters Guide - 2008
Diesels of the Milwaukee Road Vol.1
Diesels of the Milwaukee Road Vol.2
Diesels of the Reading Vol. 1 First Generation
Diesels of the Union Pacific 1934 - 1982 Vol. 1
Diesels of the Union Pacific 1934 – 1982 Vol. 2
EMD’s FP7’s & FP9’s – Dual Service Cab Units
EMD’s SW1500 
FM Erie Builts & H20-44’s
GP20 & SD24 – EMD’s Turbocharged Duo
Kansas City Southern in the Deramus Era
Norfolk & Western 2nd Generation Diesel Locomotives
Norfolk Southern 2018-2019 Locomotive Directory
Pennsy Electric Pictorial
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 1 ALCO RS Series
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 3 2ND Gen. EMD Road Switchers
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 4 Baldwin Cab & Transfer Units
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 6 EMD & ALCO FGT. Cab Units
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 7 EMD & ALCO Pass. Cab Units
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 8 GP7 & 9’s and SD7 & 9’s
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 9 ALCO & GE Switchers
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 10 EMD Switchers
PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 11 ALCO Century’s & GE U-boats
Revolutionary Diesel – EMC FT
Rockville Bridge – Rails Across Susquehanna
Snow Fighters - 1
Snow Fighters – 2 (Due ???)
The Stylish EMD GP30 (Due Autumn 2019)
UP Loco Directory (Latest version being worked on, delivery unknown) 
UP's Big EMD DD35 & DD40X's (Soft Cover)
UP’s Sherman Hill in the Diesel Era
UP’s Switchers and Slugs

We can obtain books from the Publishers listed below, but these are  usually only available on Special Order. These books are not ordered by us as a matter of course and may take some  weeks to arrive.  Books do go out of print and we will alter this list as and when we have that information.

All books are NEW.

Some of these titles are already available on the website, as either new or s/h copies.

Signature Press  All high quality HB books with numerous pages, with B&W and colour photography, maps etc

American Refrigerator Transit by Stuart T. Maher, G.J. Michels, Jr., and Gene Semon  
The McCloud River Railroads by Jeff Moore 
The State Belt by William H. Kaufman and Michelle S. Kaufman 
American Car & Foundry Box Cars, 1961-1981 by Edward Kaminski 
Southern Pacific Lines Standard-Design Depots by Henry E. Bender, Jr. 
Rails Around Lake Tahoe by Mallory Hope Ferrell  
Union Pacific in the LA Basin by Jess Asay  
Steam Days in Dunsmuir by Robert J. Church 
SP's Sacramento Shops by Robert A. Pecotich 
Railroads of Arizona, Vol. 6 by David F. Myrick 
Elgin & Joliet & Eastern Railway by Patrick C. Dorin 
Sacramento Northern by Harre W. Demoro  
SP Freight Cars, Vol. 5: Hoppers, Covered Hoppers, Tank Cars by Anthony Thompson 
Billboard Refrigerator Cars by Richard H. Hendrickson and Edward S. Kaminski 
Texas & New Orleans by A.D. McLennan 
Key System Streetcars by Vernon J. Sappers 
Chard Walker’s Cajon by Chard Walker 
Southern Pacific’s Salt Lake Division by John R. Signor 
Pullman-Standard Freight Cars by Ed Kaminski 
The Florida Keys Overseas Railway by Warren Zeiller 
SP Freight Cars, Vol. 3: Automobile Cars and Flat Cars by Anthony W. Thompson
The Visalia Electric Railroad by Phillips C. Kauke 
Southern Pacific's Western Division by John R. Signor 
Central California Traction by David G. Stanley and Jeffrey J. Moreau 
Tank Cars: American Car & Foundry by Edward S. Kaminski 
SP Freight Cars, Vol. 2: Cabooses by Anthony W. Thompson 
SP Freight Cars, Vol. 1: Gondolas and Stock Cars by Anthony Thompson 
Santa Fe to Phoenix by David F. Myrick  
Great Northern Lines East by Patrick C. Dorin 
The Magor Car Corporation by Edward S. Kaminski
Pacific Fruit Express by Anthony W. Thompson, Robert J. Church and Bruce H. Jones 
American Car & Foundry Company by Edward S. Kaminski 
Great Northern Lines West by Charles R. Wood
Southern Pacific's Coast Line by John R. Signor 

Four Ways West  All high quality HB books, a little like Morning Sun, with mainly colour and sometimes B&W photographs. Often more pages than a MS publication. 

Southern Pacific: Volume One – Sacramento, CA to Sparks, NV

Rail Competition: Along Wisconsin’s Western Wall

Shortlines of Northern California: Volume One

50 Years North American Railroads: Volume One: The Far West

50 Years North American Railroads: Volume Two: Central Mid-West

Central Illinois Rails: Volume Two 1950’s – 1970’s

Illinois Central Gulf 1972-1988

Milwaukee Road Passenger Trains: Volume Three

Santa Fe in the Lone Star State Volume 1 (1949-1969)

Soo Line/CP Rail in the Twin Cities

Milwaukee Road Locomotives: Volume Three

Railroads of the Pine Tree State: Volume One

Railroads of the Pine Tree State: Volume Two

Pool Power West

Electro-Motive Division’s Classic Cowl Units

Dragon Steel-Alco Diesel Action

Wisconsin Central Heritage: Volume One

Wisconsin Central Heritage: Volume Two

Western Pacific Color Pictorial: Volume One

Western Pacific Color Pictorial: Volume Two

Southern Pacific’s Sunset Route: A Color Pictorial

Southern Pacific in Transition

Southern Pacific’s San Joaquin Valley Line

Southern Pacific Passenger Trains: Volume Two Day Trains of the Coast Line

Southern Pacific’s Scenic Coast Line

Texas & New Orleans: Color Pictorial

Rock Island Color Pictorial: Volume Two

Rock Island Color Pictorial: Volume Three

Rio Grande Color Pictorial: Volume One

Pennsylvania Railroad Color Pictorial: Volume Two

Pennsylvania Railroad Color Pictorial: Volume Three

Pennsylvania Railroad Color Pictorial: Volume Four

Pennsylvania Railroad Color Pictorial: Volume Five

Northern Pacific Pictorial: Volume Four (NP Passenger operations – 1930s-1951)

New Haven Color Pictorial: Volume One

New Haven Color Pictorial: Volume Two

Kansas City Southern Color Pictorial

Great Northern Equipment Color Pictorial: Book One (GN Box & Stock Cars)

Great Northern Equipment Color Pictorial: Book Three (Western Fruit Express, Cabooses, M-O-W)

Great Northern Pictorial: Volume Three (GN Passenger Service)

Great Northern Pictorial: Volume Seven

Chesapeake & Ohio Color Pictorial: Volume Two

Burlington Route Passenger Trains: Volume One

Burlington Route Color Pictorial: Volume One

Colorado & Southern – Southern Division: A Color Pictorial

Windy City to the Twin Cities. A Burlington Route/BN/BNSF Color Pictorial

Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society

Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Locomotives in Color 1949-1971

Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars 1937-1946 

Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars 1937-1965 Volume 1: Hopper and Gondola Cars 

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Depots, Towers and Other Structures 1860-1950 

Chesapeake & Ohio. The Decades Of Change 1961-1981

Modeling The Chesapeake & Ohio (Burdette) 

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway At Mid-Century (Dixon)

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway In Hinton West Virginia (Dixon)

The C&O Historical Series

Chesapeake & Ohio K-4 Class 2-8-4 Steam Locomotives (Dixon) (HS1)

Chesapeake & Ohio Coal River District (McChord) (HS2)

Chesapeake & Ohio GP7/GP9 Diesel Locomotives (Dixon) (HS3)

Chesapeake & Ohio Coaling Stations (Dixon) (HS4)

Chesapeake & Ohio Heavy Pacific Locomotives (Parker) (HS5) 

Chesapeake & Ohio E7 and E8 Diesel Passenger Locomotives 1946-1971 (Dixon) (HS6)

Chesapeake & Ohio Paint Creek Branch And Handley Yard (McChord) (HS7)

Chesapeake & Ohio Tunnels (Watson) (HS8)

Chesapeake & Ohio Mountain Type Locomotives (Parker) (HS9) 

Chesapeake & Ohio in Cincinnati Vol 1 (HS10)

Chesapeake & Ohio Maintenance-Of-Way Motor Cars (Ford) (HS11)

Chesapeake & Ohio in Cincinnati Vol 2  (HS12)

Chesapeake & Ohio Lexington, VA. Branch (Kresse) (HS13)

Chesapeake & Ohio Mail By Rail (Dixon) (HS14)

Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2 Mallet Locomotives (Parker) (HS15)

Chesapeake & Ohio Coal Tipples (Dixon) (HS16)

Chesapeake & Ohio (Virginia Central) in the Civil War  (HS17)

Chesapeake & Ohio General Electric Diesel Locomotives (Parker) (HS18)

Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Wrecking Cranes (Stone) (HS19)

Chesapeake & Ohio Hudson Type Steam Locomotives (Parker) (HS20)

Chesapeake & Ohio 0-8-0 Steam Switching Locomotives (Dixon) (HS21) 

Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotives (Parker) (HS22) 

Chesapeake & Ohio At Alleghany, Virginia (Kidd) (HS23)

Pere Marquette 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotives (Kehn) (HS24)

New C&O Operations on the Ohio River (HS25) 

New C&O 2-10-2 Santa Fe Type Steam Locos. (HS26) 


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