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  • The RGS Story. The Complete Set of 12 Volumes

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The RGS Story The Complete Set of 12 Volumes. Sundance Publications 1990-2006. All are 1st editions/1st printing and complete with original acetate covers as issued. Condition of most volumes is "Near Fine", with only Volume 7 judged to be less, at "Very Good". International customers please note payment by BACS transfer only.

Volume I - “Over the Bridges - Ridgway to Telluride”

1990 Sundance Publications. Otto Mears' narrow-gauge Rio Grande Southern Railroad began at Ridgway in 1890 where this amazing story starts. The line eventually covered a distance of 162 miles to reach Durango. The Ridgway roundhouse and station grounds begin this volume which continues with trains climbing to Dallas Divide over to Placerville and Vance Junction. From Vance Junction, the mile-by-mile coverage is continued over the Telluride Branch. Structure drawings are included, such as at Vance Junction, with pictures. Featured are views of engines and Galloping Geese, as well as passenger and freight trains. Contains 446 b&w and 103 colour photos. With erratum slip laid in. 416pp.

Volume II - “Telluride, Pandora and the Mines Above”

1991 Sundance Publications. Telluride was reached by rail in 1890, and the mining town is covered block-by-block as it grew and prospered. Ore mined in the high peaks above Marshal, Savage, Ingram and Bear Creek basins was carried out by the RGS to Ridgway. The Pandora Branch had numerous ore-loading sites where carload shipments were made up. Maps illustrate the growth of Telluride, the rich mining district and railroad facilities. This volume includes 50 maps, 416 b&w and 80 colour photos. #898 signed by both authors. 496pp.

Volume III - Over the Bridges … Vance Junction to Ophir

1993 Sundance Publications. Featured are views of the high trestles of the RGS, such as Bridge 43-A at Ames Gulch, Bridge 44-A over the South Fork of the San Miguel and Bridge 45-A, with its changing configurations, spanning Howard Fork. A detailed description of Ophir Loop is included, featuring the mining town of old Ophir, with the mining industries of Alta and Matterhorn. Contained in this volume are 32 detailed maps, structure drawings by Mike Blazek, including 354 b&w and 77 colour photos. #2045 signed by all 3 authors.  496pp.

Volume IV - Over the Bridges … Ophir Loop to Rico

1994 Sundance Publications. The multitude of high bridges on the 3.0-percent grade above Ophir are covered in detailed drawings, photographs and maps all the way to Lizard Head Pass. The snowshed, wye and structures at Lizard Head are shown at the summit, and the route is covered downgrade to the mining town of Rico. Also included are mile-by-mile 1919 Right-of-Way Track Maps – featured as the story progresses. The scenic wonders at Matterhorn, Trout Lake and Gallagher trestles are portrayed, as well as rocky Burns Cañon. Contains 356 b&w and 94 colour photos. 496pp.

Volume V - Rico and the Mines

1996 Sundance Publications. This volume begins with the Ute Indians and early prospectors near the mining town of Rico and its subsequent development. Newspaper accounts tell the story, as mining paid off, and the RGS was built to Rico. The story continues with the meeting of rails below Rico in 1890, near Red Rock siding. The mining branch to Black Hawk and Enterprise is covered in maps and pictures, along with early RGS yard scenes at Rico. The Rico coal chute is featured, as well as downtown Rico and residential buildings. Contains 350 b&w and 50 colour photos. 496pp.

Volume VI - Rico to Dolores

1997 Sundance Publications. The story of Elizabeth Eyre Pellet and her involvement in going to Washington, D.C. to convince the government to save the RGS from abandonment. The saga continues regarding Rico and the district's mining involvement during World War II. A mile-by-mile description follows, covering the RGS as it headed for Dolores, from Milepost 66 to Milepost 102. Features drawings of bridges and lineside structures at Priest Gulch, Bear Creek, Red Rock, Muldoon, Stoner and Dolores, and an historical account of the Rust logging line. Contains 354 b&w and 65 colour photos, taken along the scenic Rio Dolores. #125 signed by both authors. 480pp.

Volume VII - Dolores and McPhee

1998 Sundance Publications. New Mexico Lumber Co. Features line drawings of buildings and structures along the RGS by Mike Blazek and many detailed maps by Jim Key. 470 b&w and 32 colour photos. Coloured map laid in. Slight damage to top corner of front and rear board. #609 signed by all 3 authors.  496pp.

Volume VIII - Over the Bridges … Dolores to Mancos

2000 Sundance Publications. RGS pictures taken in Dolores complete the story begun in Volume VII, from World War II, until the abandonment. Leaving Dolores, you are taken through Lost Cañon to Mancos, with a stop at the lumber camp at Glencoe. At Mancos, the history unfolds, with town's demand for a proper depot. Station facilities are documented on maps and drawings, with accompanying photographs. After Mancos, the RGS proceeded up the 2.5-percent grade toward Cima summit, halting at Grady, 132.9 miles from Ridgway. Contains 280 b&w and 55 colour photos. #208. signed by all 3 authors. 416pp.

Volume IX - Over the Bridges … Grady to Durango

2001 Sundance Publications. Presents this colourful region in southwestern Colorado, where the Ute Indians have a reservation. This volume follows the RGS to Durango. Action views portray Cima and the May Day Branch, where gold ore was mined – while the coal mining towns of Hesperus, Ute Junction, and Porter are covered in a pictorial revue. Action pictures of the RGS include Pine Ridge through Wild Cat Cañon, and on to Durango, where additional coal camps existed. Contains 350 b&w and 54 colour photos. #1164 signed by all 3 authors. 416pp.

Volume X - Over the Bridges … Ridgway to Durango

2003 Sundance Publications. This gathering of photographs is presented from the late arrivals not included in the previous nine volumes. The story begins at Ridgway, where Otto Mears struggled to finish the RGS before winter, and his reasons for building nine wooden trestles at Ophir Loop. An RGS Train Register from 1897 reveals untold stories of the railroad's operating procedures. All 162 miles of the railroad are covered in this pictorial, featuring 374 b&w and 31 colour photos. Right-of-way map laid in to rear. #1769 signed by 2 authors. 416pp.

Volume XI - Durango and the Perins Peak Branch

2005 Sundance Publications. The Denver & Rio Grande Railway's tracklayers reached Durango, Colorado, on July 27, 1881. Finally, gold and silver ore could be shipped out of the San Juan Region by railroad at lowered freight rates. Smelters sprang up almost immediately at Durango. The D&RG chose this site for a town because of the availability of coal. This volume illustrates Durango's development year-by-year, as the town progressed and the D&RG upgraded its railroad facilities. Once Otto Mears' Rio Grande Southern arrived on the scene in 1890, this town was an interchange point between the two railroads. By 1891, Durango had built a horsecar line, later improved to an electric trolley route, which lasted until 1921. The D&RG added a third rail at Durango to service their standard-gauge trackage to Farmington, New Mexico, later narrow-gauged in 1923. Volume XI contains 321 b&w and 17 colour photos, along with 26 detailed maps. #1292 signed by 3 authors. 376pp.

Volume XII - Locomotives and Rolling Stock

2006 Sundance Publications Numbered Edition No. 757 Signed by all four authors. Locomotives and rolling stock purchased or leased to keep trains running. Hand-written ledgers provided notations about maintaining this equipment through breakdowns, wrecks and safety modifications. Photographs illustrate a large quantity of the various changes from 1890-1951. A chapter on Motors and Galloping Geese contains revealing details as changes were made updating the Pierce-Arrow bodies. Victor Miller's former C&S cars are extensively illustrated. Volume XII includes roster charts of all equipment, along with 17 colour photos, 490 b&w images and 47 detailed drawings. Signed by all 4 authors. 416pp.            NOS-RGS-12V  

REDUCED PRICE. NOW £1200 POSTED. £1100 if you can collect from us.

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The RGS Story. The Complete Set of 12 Volumes

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