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  • Bridge and Trestle Handbook, Fourth Edition (Mallery)

Bridges and trestles are among the most logical and challenging structures for model railroaders to design and build. There are so many kinds of bridge designs, each one unique in its purpose, from the simple culvert over a local creek to the lofty concrete arch bridge spanning a valley. Not only are bridges part of the scenery, but they also serve a purpose. The right bridge must be chosen for each location. But where to begin? Paul Mallery's Bridge and Trestle Handbook, Fourth Edition, is an excellent resource for all model railroaders looking to build interesting and accurate models. From the basics of bridge design and loading to effective ways to incorporate them into your model railroad, the Bridge and Trestle Handbook has all the information you'll need. Detailed chapters explain the construction and design of bridge abutments and piers, and the footings that connect them to the bridge. You'll also learn about different kinds of bridge decks and beams, as well as arches, girder spans and trusses. Moveable bridges are also covered in depth, from drawbridge spans swing bridges to rolling-lifts and more, the Bridge and Trestle Handbook explains them all with depth and detail.  Descriptions of actual prototype installations will help you decide on an appropriate design for your own modelling purposes. The author also describes common mistakes in model bridges, including a lack of adequate supporting piers and piles, truss members too light, missing pedestals and shoes, misplaced diagonals and more. The Bridge and Trestle Handbook, Fourth Edition, is a valuable reference for all model railroaders, regardless of scale. This book contains 156 pages of detailed prototype information that is profusely illustrated, well-organized and easy to find. Carstens 1992.  SB New 156pp. NOS-CAR-BAT

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Bridge and Trestle Handbook, Fourth Edition (Mallery)

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