• The Western Pacific (Meeker)

This well-illustrated volume examines the Western Pacific and its subsidiaries, Sacramento Northern and Tidewater Southern. The author diligently worked on the book for more than two decades. In the world of railroading, the Western Pacific was a late bloomer. From the outset, the upstart WP was fighting for its survival, competing against the mighty Southern Pacific. The SP (and its predecessor Central Pacific) was firmly entrenched in California, Nevada, and Utah 40 years prior to the arrival of the WP, which did not open for operation until 1909. For 73 years, the WP remained a fiercely independent carrier surviving in the shadow of the much larger SP. On the scale of modern mega-sized railroads, the Western Pacific might now be thought of as a regional carrier. In its day, however, the WP was a key link in the transcontinental rail network, forwarding traffic between the Denver & Rio Grande Western and Union Pacific in Salt Lake City, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Also key was WP's role of providing the middle link for Inside Gateway service, in conjunction with Santa Fe and Burlington Northern (and before that, Great Northern), offering competitive service between Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. In later years, WP was divided into seven operating divisions. Each subdivision had individual character, unique operating challenges, and distinct scenic elements providing variety at every corner of the railroad. In addition to the seven subdivisions, the WP also operated two wholly-owned subsidiaries; the Sacramento Northern and the Tidewater Southern. All seven of WP's subdivisions, as well as subsidiaries SN and TS, are documented in the book. Long out of print, we have managed to acquire 2 brand new copies.  410 colour illustrations, 11 maps. White River 2011 HB. New 256pp. NOS-WST-PAC

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The Western Pacific (Meeker)

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