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  • Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Volume 21: EMD Four-Motor and Six-Motor Freight Diesels (Strapac)

Southern Pacific Historic Diesels is a series of pictorial histories defining the growth and development of the Southern Pacific’s fleet of diesel locomotives.  The goal of this series is to publish and present in text and photographs a record of Southern Pacific dieselization since the fleet’s beginnings in the late 1930s. 204 photos, roster information, drawings and detailed photo captions. 2014. "Beginning in October 1992 with 64 pages, Southern Pacific Historic Diesels has become a twenty-two volume reference shelf, examining in detail almost the entire diesel fleet of everyone's favourite "fallen flag" rail line-a challenge when it was still around, but sorely missed now that it is gone. "Five thousand, five hundred eighty-seven diesel units comprised the SP roster between 1939 and 1996. In these pages since 1992, Shade Tree reviewed all the SP diesels from Alco, Baldwin, Fairbanks-Morse, General Electric and Krauss-Maffei, as well as the Electro-Motive cab units and switchers and most of the freight hood units. "However, in 2,368 pages of text and pictures, they still managed to avoid discussing six different EMD hood-unit models! Each one was somehow out of step with SP's normal progression of road unit purchases-forcing them to pigeonhole images and discussion until they could play catch-up ball at the end of the series. That's the task of Southern Pacific Historic Diesels, Volume 21-to illustrate those locomotives we avoided covering before: SD35 (and many subsequent home-made switcher variants) GP38-2 SD38-2 SD39 West Colton slugs SD70M Plus our traditional review of pertinent test and demonstrator units, as well as a selection of "graduates" of these classes that went on to new operators." Shade Tree Books 2016. SB New. 144pp   NOS-SPH-D21  

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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Volume 21: EMD Four-Motor and Six-Motor Freight Diesels (Strapac)

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