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  • Narrow Gauge Byways in the San Juans Colorado Rail Annual 14

In the fourteenth issue of the Colorado Rail Annual we delve into some aspects of railroad history in the lofty San Juan Mountain region of southwestern Colorado that may have hitherto escaped the attention of even the more dedicated enthusiast. Most conspicuous of these subjects, today, are the three little wooden private passenger cars that are available at Durango for use on the Silverton train. Their histories had been cloaked in mystery, however, until Alexis McKinney lifted the veil. Least conspicuous, perhaps, is the one-time D&RG narrow gauge branch that served the early day mining town of Lake City, the subject of a careful study by Duane Vandenbusche and Walter Borneman. In fact, many visitors to the picturesque town today would not realize that a half century earlier they could have made the journey in a steam-powered mixed train. Still visible today, but virtually unnoticed, is the D&RG branch serving the one-time boom camp of Creede, chronicled by Cornelius Hauck. Its glory days as a busy narrow gauge over, the line exists today as the largely inactive continuation of a standard gauge agricultural branch line. With detailed, carefully researched text, photos, maps, memorabilia - over two hundred illustrations, with six in full colour. 1979 CRM.  Hardcover with protected dw, orange leatherette binding, gilt lettering, VG.  232pp, illustrated.  7O-Y5Q8-ZSNF  SOLD

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Narrow Gauge Byways in the San Juans Colorado Rail Annual 14

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