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  • Railway Prototype Cyclopedia 15

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, or 'RP CYC' for short, is a continuing series of soft cover, perfect-bound books that provides invaluable information in a single source with a focus on railroad equipment built or in use during the 1920s through 1950s. This was the "Golden Age" of railroads when steam locomotives and first generation diesels ruled.  Included are articles on freight and passenger cars, locomotives, and structures. Some articles include information about selected scale models that relate to the subject. RP CYC provides high quality, large format photographs of the prototype equipment and scale models. Every photograph selected for publication is large enough for you to see as much detail as possible. Photographs include those taken by the builders as well as in-service mainly during the 1920s through 1950s and occasionally the 1960s. The articles are also supported with technical data including applicable plans, diagrams, and comprehensive roster information.

Contents: General American GAEX/GARX XME and RB Leased Box Cars, Pennsylvania Railroad X23, X24, K7, and R7 Freight Cars, and Greenville Steel Car Co. 70-Ton Fish-belly Side Sill Covered Hopper Cars. 2007 RP CYC Publishing. Card covers. VG, spine sunned. 104pp. V3-KU82-9C79

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Railway Prototype Cyclopedia 15

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