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  • Baltimore & Ohio's Capitol Limited and National Limited (Welsh)

Charted in 1827, Baltimore and Ohio is one of the oldest passenger rail services in the world, and became the Baltimore and Ohio Capitol Limited in 1923, travelling between Baltimore, Washington, and Chicago. Two years later, the Baltimore and Ohio's national linked the nation's capital to St. Louis, and the two lines became household names, famous for punctuality, outstanding service, the best cuisine offered in the luxury dining cars, and the quality of the Pullman sleepers. This authoritative history takes readers back to the glory years, with a wealth of images, route information, details of the trains motive power, and the inside story of the frugal railroads methods of streamlining it's equipment with innovative and striking aesthetic results. Against the backdrop of dozens of black-and-white archive images and period colour photographs depicting uniforms, dinner wear, stations, period advertisements, route maps, interiors of passenger cars, author Joe Walsh discusses how Baltimore and Ohio successfully overcame it's rivals on the Pennsylvania Railroad lines, how market forces led to the demise of the passenger train, how National Limited failed under Amtrack, and how Capitol Ltd successfully reinvented one of the most popular trains in history. 2007 Voyageur/MBI. Hardback with protected dw. VG. 160pp. UX-W0I1-J8S7

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Baltimore & Ohio's Capitol Limited and National Limited (Welsh)

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