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  • 20th Century Limited (Zimmermann)

This authoritative history of the 20th Century Limited from 1902 to its 1967 demise examines the train; its steam, electric, and diesel motive power; and its swank passenger cars, services, and amenities. The Century was a train of magnates and movie stars, with a red carpet rolled out for departure from Chicago to New York City. With the finest of food in the diner and a full array of amenities - barber, secretary, shower, maid - the 20th Century Limited set the standards against which all other passenger trains would be measured. This book tells the complete story of this extraordinary train, from its illustrious beginning in the days of opulent wooden cars through its demise in the era of passenger-train cutbacks that lead to the formation of Amtrak.2002 MBI. Hardcover with protected dw. VG. 156pp. IX-RKYN-3IY0

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20th Century Limited (Zimmermann)

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