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  • Illustrated Treasury of the MLW Montreal Locomotive Works. Alco to Bombardier 1904-1989 (Kerr)

Includes 100 Steam Builder's photographs, 0-4-OT to 2-6-6-0, all orders covered, plus 200 Diesel Builder's photographs S2 and FA1 to M640 and LRC, all orders represented. Bombardier, Inc., since 1975, one of the three leading North American locomotive builders, is a major Canadian enter-rise, having among its many Divisions, two especially interesting ones. These are the Rail and Diesel Products Division and the Mass Transit Division. However, in the late 1980's Bombardier decided to sell its Montreal locomotive plant. In 988-1989 GE, one of the other North American locomotive builders bought the plant. Shortly after, the plant remanufactured older GE diesel-electric locomotives until its closure shortly later.Representing professional builders photographs, especially used were side-front angle and side-views selected to show he locomotives at their best. Locomotive photographs have been divided into two sections. First is the Domestic Market Diesel-Electric Locomotives, which features a logical order, by the three largest Canadian railway users by ascending road umbers, followed by the smaller railways and industrial lines in alphabetical order and road numbers. Second is the International Market Diesel-Electric Locomotives, listing those orders by Country. All diesel-electric locomotive orders are presented by photographs each showing the sales order number, quantity of units, railway or customer country, road numbers, model type, horsepower, year built and serial numbers, with exception of repeat or similar orders to those illustrated appear elsewhere on a list on page 14.  2002 DPA-LTA Enterprises. Softcover. VG. 100pp. IM-0CZZ-8DBH

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Illustrated Treasury of the MLW Montreal Locomotive Works. Alco to Bombardier 1904-1989 (Kerr)

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