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  • Billboard Refrigerator Cars (Hendrickson)

 This book's greatest strength lies in its wealth of photographs, all of which are both large enough and sharp enough to depict the cars clearly and distinctly. Nearly every page contains at least two and often three photographs of different rail cars. The photographs are grouped according to car manufacturer, and the introduction to each section gives a history of that manufacturer. The books introduction gives an interesting history lesson on these types of cars, and the appendices give the reader a good idea of the colour of many of the paint schemes (since the old photographs are, naturally, monochromatic) as well as the text of the Interstate Commerce Commission ruling that ended the lives of these intriguing cars. A comprehensive index also makes finding the photographs of a particular car a quick and easy matter. Great explanation on why these cars were outlawed by 1937, and even a few colour shots along with colour shots of early reproduced HO car sides, a surprisingly good resource of history. The history of how cars were labelled during Prohibition and other snippets make the book a fascinating read. 2008 Signature Press. Hardcover with dw. VG, impressions to rear of dw. Scarce. 220pp  RZ-Q8ZJ-6PLG          

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Billboard Refrigerator Cars (Hendrickson)

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