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  • The GP20 and SD24. EMD's Turbocharged Duo (Diesel Era)

The GP20 and SD24 locomotive models can trace their roots to the horsepower race that began in earnest in 1952 when Fairbanks-Morse began promoting its newest creation, the 2,400-horsepower Train Master. Also competition outside the industry as motor carriers were increasingly taking away long-haul shipments from railroads caused carriers to look at ways to speed up train schedules - and this translated into more horsepower. To get that necessary increase in horsepower, EMD installed turbochargers for the first time ever on factory-delivered diesel-electrics. This book discusses the competition between the loco builders and details EMD's first turbocharged models. Both B&W and Colour photographs, and HO Scale fold-out plans.  Contents: Why Turbo charge. New Models, New Features,. Specifications, SD24 Production,  GP20 Production, . Car-body Phases, . SD24 Roster,. GP20 Roster, . SD24s in Service, GP20s in Service, Secondhand SD24s,  Secondhand GP20s, Detail Views,  Colorful GP20s and SD24s,  Bibliography, Index, and HO Scale Fold-out Plans.   New Book. 1998 Withers Publishing, softcover, 152 pages. NOS-GP2-0SD 

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The GP20 and SD24. EMD's Turbocharged Duo (Diesel Era)

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