• Freight Train Cars (Schafer)

In the world of railway enthusiasts and modellers, freight carriers are every bit as technically involved and evocative as engines and cabooses. This full-colour gallery features and describes a trainload of "rolling stock" - boxcars, flatcars, hoppers, gondolas, tank cars, auto-rack transports and others - representing a variety of railways in action around the US. This book is a simple one that seeks to do no more than to introduce readers to the common varieties of freight cars found on the railways and it does a commendable job of doing that. After briefly discussing the origins of freight trains themselves, we are taken on a tour of the different types of cars. The development of each is examined and then their usage through the 19th and 20th centuries in the US is given.1999 MBI. Softcover. VG. 96pp.  3BP-3R0-W7H  SOLD

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Freight Train Cars (Schafer)

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