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Credit card companies are currently increasing security for on-line purchases. Our Card processors ("Opayo") have told us that their anti-fraud measures have been strengthened in the past few days. This means that you MAY have difficulty in completing an order on this website. This might be because your card issuer requires two-step verification. Other reasons can include forgetting to enter your CV2 code (last 3 digits on the back) when using a credit card, or not realising that the system times out after 15 minutes of "inactivity". "Inactivity" could mean that your internet connection has failed. Apologies for this, but we are powerless to do anything to mitigate these measures.


MORNING SUN TITLES 2021. Please let us know if you wish to order any of these.


September 1, 2021

Canadian National Power In Color Volume 3: Covered Wagons (Passenger & Freight) by Stephen M. Timko

Rio Grande In Color Volume 7: Front Range by Jeff Simley

October 1, 2021

Circus and Carnival Trains In Color: A Fond Look Back at Their Equipment and Operation by Robert J. Yanosey

Minneapolis Northfield and Southern Railway In Color by Aaron Isaacs

November 1, 2021

Electric Railways of North America In Color Featuring the Photography of Matt Herson Volume 1 by George W. Hamlin

Soo Line Power In Color Volume 1: Switchers & Covered Wagons by Stephen M. Timko

November 15, 2021

Penn Central and Conrail Trackside with Engineer Chip Syme by Chip Syme

Missouri Pacific Power In Color: Diesels 1948-1982 by Greg Stout


September 1, 2021

Observation Car Color Portfolio Volume 1: A&WP-CB&Q by Robert J. Yanosey

Featuring A&WP, AA, AC, AFT, AMT, ARR, AT&SF, B&LE, B&M, B&O, BAR, BCH, BCR, BN, C&EI, C&IM, C&NW, C&O, CAGY, CB&Q and others!

October 1, 2021

Observation Car Color Portfolio Volume 2: CG-FEC by Robert J. Yanosey

Featuring CG, CGW, CHP, CN, CNJ, CP, CR, CRR, CS, CSX, D&H, DL&W, D&M, D&RGW, DM&IR, DO, DT&I, EBT, EJ&E, EL, ERIE, FCP, FdeC, FDS, FEC, and others

November 1, 2021

Observation Car Color Portfolio Volume 3: FW&D-MTA by Robert J. Yanosey

Featuring FW&D, G&F, GM&O, GTP, GTS, GTW, HICO, IC, ICG, IRC, KCS, L&N, LIRR, LV, MILW, MON, MP, MRL, MTA, and others

November 15, 2021

Observation Car Color Portfolio Volume 4: N&W-RI by Robert J. Yanosey

Featuring N&W, NA, NdeM, NH, NJDOT, NKP, NP, NRHS, NYC, NYO&W, NYSW, ON, P&WV, PC, PGE, PHD, P&N, PRR, QNS&L, RDG, RF&P, RI, and others

28/4/21 Whispers that White River are set to publish a new 600 page book on Shays. More  details when we get them.

9/4/21  White River are to publish a new book titled Fifty Years of Amtrak Trains – A Comprehensive Survey of Every Amtrak Route Since 1971. Promised is a 256 page account of all routes and services offered by Amtrak in its 50 year history. B&W and color images will be supported by maps and promotional art to tell the complete Amtrak story. The quality and appearance will be of the typical White River larger format offerings. Probable price from us around £80.


White River have announced publication of their On30 Annual 2021. Details here. We hope to have copies of this in the next couple of months, so if you would like to pre-order a copy, please let us know.


Spring Morning Sun Titles available to pre-order.

May 1st Titles

Illinois Railway Museum in Color

New Haven Power in Color Vol 4 Switchers & Electrics

Railroad Truck Color Portfolio Vol 2 K-Y (Softback)

June 1st Titles

Monongahela Railway in Color Vol 3 The Conrail & NS Era

Penn Central in the Conrail Era Vol 5 1995-1999

July 1st Titles

Canadian Pacific Power in Color Vol 2 First Generation Roadswitchers

Chicago Intercity Passenger Trains in Color 

Staten Island Railroad Thirty Five Years of Color 1952-1982 (Softback)

August 1st Titles

Santa Fe Power in Color Vol 5 General Electric Locomotives and Santa Fe's Entry into BNSF

Soo Line - Milwaukee Merger in Color Vol 2 More Pre-Merger Milwaukee Road and Merged Soo Line

Please let us know if you would like to pre-order any of these titles. At the time of writing (Feb 2021), we are asking £59 for  hardbacks and £40 for softbacks, all post free in the UK. (Prices  assume the GBP doesn’t collapse, or US-UK postage doesn't go through the roof again, or that MS don't announce a price increase.)


News of newly published books. Please let us know if you are interested, we can order any of these.

The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie in Allegheny County Vol. 1 – Pittsburgh to Esplen from Depot Square. A 322 page, hard cover book which covers the specified area from the beginning to the late 1960s. Maps, diagrams, drawings, text and B&W photos will help cover not only the railroad but also the industries that it served. Price TBA

 The D&H – To New England & Canada 1968 – 1991 from Garbely. An 80 page, all colour look at the road during those years of great railfan interest. Baldwin Sharks and ALCO PA’s give way to an expanded system and roster, post April 1, 1976, in a diverse range of locations. (About £45)

Timber Titans: Baldwin’s Articulated Logging Locomotives from White River.  256 pages of information provided in text, drawings, paintings and 455 images. The book will be of their typical larger sized, landscape books with a delivery expected in the first quarter of 2021. (About £80)

Conrail Rainbow Years Vol. 3 RARITAN VALLEY LINE AND NORTH JERSEY COAST LINE COMMUTER OPERATIONS from Garbely  ex CNJ Commuter Operations. Delivery is expected in middle of February. Similar in format and size to Vol. 1 and 2, this book features over 140 full-colour images of Conrail’s unique Rainbow Years. NOW IN STOCK

EMD’s GP30. from Withers.  It recently went to the printer!!!! Books will be 208 packed pages of B&W and colour images, text and roster info. It will be produced in a modest press run (the days of 1000+ copies being produced are long gone, 500 -750 is the new norm). Delivery is expected in the middle of February. NOW IN STOCK

PINSLY RAILROAD COMPANY from Garbely. Complete with maps and never-before-published black & white and colour photography. May 2021


CONRAIL RAINBOW YEARS, VOLUME 4: NEW JERSEY’S EX-EL COMMUTER OPERATIONS from Garbely. This book covers the entirety of Conrail’s commuter territory in New Jersey during Conrail’s operations under contract to NJDOT, with over 140 full-color images of Conrail’s unique Rainbow Years. Summer 2021 



Just to clear up a question we were asked a couple of days ago by a customer. "Do you charge extra if I use PayPal to buy a book?" Of course the answer is "No." We aren't allowed by law to charge extra for credit card transactions, and I think the same applies to PayPal, or indeed BACS, or cheques. In fact our pricing policy is very simple. The price of the book you see on the website is the price you pay: No postage charges in the UK, nothing extra for PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, BACS, cheque or cash. Simple.


With so many books to sort through and catalogue, here are just a handful of the more interesting titles which are waiting to be listed on the website. All of these are in "Like New" condition, and some are scarce and are sure to be sold quickly.

  • The SP in Oregon Pictorial by Ed Austin (Pub: PFM) Now Listed
  • Last of a Breed A Rio Grande Finale at Helper, Utah by Mike Danneman (Pub: 2 Ponies) SOLD
  • Age of the Decapods. Colorado Rail Annual No.30 by Robert LeMassena (Pub: CRM)  SOLD
  • The 'A'. Norfolk & Western's Mercedes of Steam by Ed King (Pub: Trans-Anglo Books) SOLD
  • The Electric Way Across the Mountains (2nd Edition) by Richard Steinheimer (Pub: Signature Press) SOLD
  • The Shay Locomotive Titan of The Timber by Michael Koch  Now Listed
  • Complete 12 volume set of the RGS Story (Pub: Sundance) Now Listed
  • Plus another 30 Morning Sun titles, mostly "Trackside" series. Going Quickly!
Many, many more quality, scarce, out of print titles to come. If any of the above grabs your interest then email us. We will quote a price for the book and save it for you if you want it.


More new titles from Silverlake Images: Manufacturers’ Catalog Archive reprints.

Book 5 Bucyrus-Erie Company Vol 1 72 pages softcover

This volume reproduces catalogs & brochures from Bucyrus-Erie on their cranes.  Included in this volume are: 1020 1/2 yard Convertible Machine - including a look at the different attachments available- Clamshell, Lifting Crane, Shovel, Dragline and Frag Shovel. 120-B 4 Yard Revolving Shovel - includes both the Electric and Steam versions. Class 200 17 1/2 Railway Crane and Bucyrus 14-B Revolving Shovel. Each of the brochures includes numerous photos and drawings of the cranes and shovels. (Note, not all items covered in this B-E title are rail mounted. Some are tracked vehicles.)

Book 6 Mining Locos Ironton & General Electric 94 pages softcover 

This book reproduces catalogs from Ironton and General Electric featuring mining locomotives and related equipment. Ironton Bulletin 555 covers their Storage Battery and Combination locomotives used in mining operations. Included are a variety of single and double motor models. Also detailed are the Ironton Power Unit for operating Coal Mining Equipment, Storage Battery Transfer Cars for carrying cars loading brick, tile or other material to dryers or kilns, and battery charging equipment. General Electric No. 1030 covers the electric mine locomotives built by the company circa 1900.  This brochure covers the basics of mining locomotives, the GE standard model and its components. Also included are details on the company's Coke Oven Larries.

Both available from us. About £35 each.


All mail being sent from the UK to USA & Canada is facing severe delays because of the impact of Covid-19 and record volumes of mail arriving in these countries.
Therefore, from today (26th October 2020), we will no longer ship to North America until further notice. This applies to orders made through our website and all our sales platforms. We apologise for having to take such drastic action, but having despatched orders some 6 months ago which are still undelivered or lost, we feel we have no alternative. 

13/10/20  MORNING SUN TITLES for 2021.

January 5, 2021

Hard Cover

Boston & Maine in Color Vol. 4: Through the Years 

Santa Fe Power in Color Vol. 4: EMD Six – Axle Hood Units 

Soft Cover

Delaware & Hudson Railway 

February 1, 2021

Hard Cover

Canadian National Power in Color Vol. 2: 1st Generation MLW / CLC Roadswitchers 

New Haven Power in Color Vol. 3: Self-Propelled Passenger Equipment 

Soft Cover

Peoria Rails 1980-2012 

March 1, 2021

Hard Cover

Burlington Northern Washington in Color Vol. 2 -

Conrail in the NS /CSX Era Vol.2: 2005-2010 

Soft Cover

Waterfront Railroads of New York Harbor 

April 1, 2021

Hard Cover

Penn Central in the Conrail Era Vol. 4: 1990-1994 

Canadian Pacific Power in Color Vol. 1: Switchers 

Soft Cover

Railroad Truck Color Portfolio Vol. 1: A-I 


23/8/20  Some important news regarding our shipping policy to Canada here


It's becoming apparent that some very recent US Railroad books are going out of print quite rapidly. Short print runs (sometimes of a few hundred) are the reason. For example, 21 Morning Sun books have gone Out of Print in the past 18 months. Sometimes these books are difficult to find on the second-hand market, and will often command silly asking prices when they do appear. Coming sometime today, a new category on the website: "New, But Out of Print".
We have several new books, fresh from the publisher, which appear in this category. These will be at their original asking price, or sometimes below. This is a chance to buy these books, and just to be clear, these will almost certainly be the last copies we can obtain. In most cases we only stock 1 or 2 copies of each title, so stock is very limited.

5/8/20 News of a book from the SPH&TS, "Los Angeles Division by John R. Signor". Several of our customers have asked if we can supply this new book. In short, the answer is "No". We did email the SPH&TS in June, asking if they would supply us with copies, but haven't even had a reply. Sadly, this is not untypical of US RR Historical societies. (C&OHS is the one exception)

We can only suggest that you make your own arrangements to buy a copy from a US dealer. It's not economic for us to buy from retail dealers, unless customers are prepared to pay cover price, plus the costs of getting a book here, plus something for our profit. We have found that customers won't do this, and I don't blame them. If anyone is a member of the SPH&TS, and can give them a nudge to answer our email, we would still like to carry copies of this book (and more SPH&TS titles). Just as an example as to how expensive single book purchase is this $80 (£61) book would cost another $62 (£47), when ordered from the Society to ship to the UK. (£108, and don't forget to add on your currency conversion charge on your credit card!) Other US retail book dealers may be cheaper.


Quite a few North American Books now going Out of Print. We have 1 or 2 copies of each of these. If they interest you grab them now before they appear on the secondary market at ridiculously inflated prices.

The Great Northern (Yaremko) (SOLD OUT)  Shade Tree's SP Historic Diesels Vol. 7, 1 left, SP Historic Diesels Vol. 20 SOLD OUT and PRR Diesel Pictorial Vol. 3 (Withers) 2 left


Another revision of the website is now complete, where we have added categories for more North American books. This includes some more Roads such as CSX, Delaware & Hudson and The Southern Railway as well as the promised Rock Island Line and Norfolk & Western. Freight and Passenger have been split, but the Freight AND Passenger category remains to cater for those books which cover both aspects. As always, please use the search facility, or feel free to email and ask, or telephone and ask.


We have just completed a revision of the website book categories. As we now have less than 700 UK books, they have all been catalogued under one category "UK Railways & Trams". All UK books are now only in this one category. You can still find individual UK books, or groups of books using the "search" box. You could search for the author, or "LMS" for example. Or you could have a swift look through all of them, which doesn't take as long as you would think.

This will free up space to add more North American categories. Roads such as Rock Island and Norfolk & Western will get their own category, and I will split the "Freight" and Passenger books. All this is happening in the next few days. Comments welcome. 




Applicable from 11/7/19

When shipping to the following UK areas or postcodes, parcels over 2kg will carry an extra charge, due to RM and Courier costs. Please contact us for further details before placing an order. We will do our best to send your parcel as economically as we can. 

Northern Ireland

Scottish Highlands - AB36-38, AB55-56, FK17-21, IV1-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-40, PH19-26, PH30-41, PH49-50

Scottish Islands - HS1-9, IV40-51, IV55-56, KA27-28, KW15-17, PA20, PA41-49, PA60-78, PH42-44, ZE1-3

Channel Isles

Isle of Man

Isle of Wight


News for our European Customers. Our courier company has recently increased prices for delivery to mainland Europe, possibly in some kind of preparation for Brexit. This means that our shipping costs will increase, as we cannot afford to subsidise this service. We hope that customers will think that the increase is reasonable, and will continue to buy books. 

5/10/18 A few final tweaks to the website "redesign"in consultation with our designers, Welford Media. Now all the new categories are visible on all devices, including phones and tablets. At the bottom of the home page you can now link to our Facebook and Twitter pages, should that kind of thing appeal to you.