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  • California's Railway Guns with their home at Fort MacArthur (Small)

The book appears to cover every US Army railroad gun design of the World War I and the post-war era. As pointed out in Chapter 2, when the US entered WW I the US Army had no railway guns. The Army then designed railway guns of 7-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch caliber. This book contains many photos and drawings of the resultant efforts. There are copies of some of the overall dimensional drawings and longitudinal sections the Army prepared for the guns. The book also describes the five 14-inch 50-caliber railway guns the US Navy built and sent to France in 1918. This book provides the most comprehensive descriptions of these guns, even if it is only five pages long including photos.  Chapter 4 describes the firing or practice shoots of the Army 14-inch railway guns along the California coast in 1934 and 1937. Chapter 5 describes the construction of the 14-inch 40 caliber guns installed on disappearing carriages and the 12- inch 15 caliber mortars deployed at Fort MacArthur in modern day San Pedro after WW I. There are drawings of the concrete fortifications. Sadly, there are no photos of them. Fort MacArthur was declared surplus in the 1970s and the land turned over to the City of Los Angeles. The concrete fortifications and firing platforms were destroyed. Certainly of interest to modellers of the Southern Pacific as there is one picture of a cab forward steamer pulling some of the railroad guns. 1983 Railhead Publications. Card covers. VG. 89pp.  Scarce. J1-JGIO-AD5C

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California's Railway Guns with their home at Fort MacArthur (Small)

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