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  • Articulated Locomotives (Wiener)

Well-known as the "Bible" with phenomenal detail on virtually all major and minor types of articulated locomotives. This book is the authoritative text on the many varieties of articulated steam locomotives. The author provides a very organized structure, dividing the discussion into four broad sections (Articulated, Semi-Articulated, Temporarily Articulated, and Utilisation of the Tender's Weight for Propulsion), each of which is scrupulously broken into detailed subsections (e.g., articulated having one driven and one undriven bogie, articulated with one engine and two bogies, articulated with two engines and two sets of driving wheels, etc.), which are then further subdivided into transmission types, variants, etc. Illustrated with black and white photos and many diagrams, some of which fold out. This is an invaluable reference book for anyone interested in the history and development of any of the articulated locomotives, whether the famous ones such as Mallett and Garratt or the obscure such as the Thouvenot or Golwe. 1970 Kalmach Publishing Co. DW has shelf wear. Light brown cloth boards. Corners bumped. Originally published in 1930, this is a reprint with new introduction and epilogue on North American articulated locomotives by Robert A Le Massena. Extensive monograph. 632pp. 5J-S4YN-0GTK SOLD

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Articulated Locomotives (Wiener)

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