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  • EMD's FP7 and FP9: The Dual-Service Cab Unit (Diesel Era)

At first glance, the General Motors’ FP7 or FP9 looks like their freight-service counterparts. But on closer examination, the model’s extra four feet of length can be seen in the space between the first porthole and first louver. This extra space was used to increase the boiler water capacity for the steam generator, allowing the unit to operate over longer distances, matching the unit’s fuel capacity without the need for intermediate water stops. The model’s popularity is reflected in its sales numbers – 362 FP7s for 27 customers and 93 F9s for four customers. Major U.S. owners include Atlantic Coast Line, Louisville & Nashville, Milwaukee Road, Pennsylvania, and Southern. North of the border, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific found the model(s) ideal as did Mexican railroad, National de Mexico. One chapter covers the FP’s close relative, the FL9. All owners, as well as secondary owners and operators in North America are covered. With a varied selection of colour and black-and-white photographs.  Withers 2009. New SB, 120 pp NOS-EMD-FP79

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EMD's FP7 and FP9: The Dual-Service Cab Unit (Diesel Era)

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