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  • EMD's SW1500. Second Generation Workhorse (Diesel Era)

Following a long progression of end-cab switchers beginning in 1939, EMD's SW1500 model was introduced at the zenith of switcher production, the 1960s and 1970s. Featuring the builder's newly introduced 645-series prime mover, the model offered customers a unit that was suitable for yard, local, and even road freight service. During the model's eight-year production cycle, no distinct construction changes took place, but options specified by the 58 original customers, such as truck style, fuel tank capacity, and handrail placement, divided the production into eight separate groups. This  book covers these pioneering diesels in text, 110 colour and 325 B&W photographs, and drawings.  Contents: SW1500 Spotting Features, pp. 8-14; Class 1 Operators, pp. 15-64; Short Line, Terminal and Government Operators, pp. 65-90; Industrial Owner's Gallery, pp. 91-96; SW1500s in Colour, pp. 97-120; SW1500 Roster, pp. 121-122; SW1500 Diagram, pp. 123-124. B&W and colour photographs, diagrams.  2006 Withers Publishing. New. Softback.  124pp  NOS-EMD-SW15

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EMD's SW1500. Second Generation Workhorse (Diesel Era)

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